Sunday, January 29, 2012

State of the World Markets via Country ETF's

All world markets have had a good run in 2012 so far, some a lot better than others. This table should put some of the returns in perspective. It is interesting to note that more than half of these country ETF's are still below their respective 200 day moving averages. Many people refer to that line as the bull/bear divider.  Look at the top 10 returns for 2012 and compare them to the 2011 returns. The dogs are leading. The markets have done great, but lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Most of these returns are not sustainable for the entire year, but it is hard not to deny the current strength.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back! Hope all is well.


Slim said...

Wow, India is killing it. But these ETFs don't hedge the corresponding currency exposure right? Because the Rupee is getting crushed as of late. I wonder how much of these returns are simply attributed to the rise in the dollar?


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alternative investing said...

Macro events are the wild card - a Eurozone blow-up (likely), an Israeli attack on Iran - macro factors will be front and center this year.

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